Getting started

In this FAQ section, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions of Epic Traffic Bot Pro.
If your traffic bot is not working as intended or shown as in the videos then most likely it’s a configuration error that can be easily fixed.

1) I am sending views to my website but I see nothing on Google Analytics

This is the most common question we get on support.
There could be a few reasons why this happens:

  • You are using public proxies and your website has CloudFlare or another type of protection against public proxies.
  • Your Google Analytics code is not installed correctly.
  • Your Google Analytics code requires that you first accept the cookie policy in order to show up. This is quite common if you use third-party plugins on WordPress.
  • You are closing the task too soon.

Also, remember to use visible mode to debug the issue. If you can see that each task navigates and renders your website correctly then most likely it’s a Google Analytics code issue or scripting issue.

2) Google Analytics doesn't show the correct traffic source

If, for example, you have set the software to use the referer module but Google Analytics shows direct visit instead, this could happen because:

  • You didn’t click the ACTIVATE REFERER MODULE button
  • Your website starts with HTTP but the referer URLs starts with HTTPS
  • Your website starts with HTTPS but the referer URLs starts with HTTP

3) How can I reduce my bounce rate?

To reduce the bounce rate you need to do some scripting.
Please check our scripting tutorials section to get started on scripting.

Basically, you will need to add some scrolls and some internal link clicks with enough delays to reduce your bounce rate.

4) How can I earn money legally with Epic Traffic Bot Pro?

There are lots of ways to earn money legally with Epic Traffic Bot Pro.
You could:

  • Sell traffic to clients.
  • Sell custom scripts to clients.
  • Automate your daily-job web tasks.
  • Sell stress test services.

5) How can I transfer my license to another PC?

To transfer your license to another PC you’ll have to reset your license first.
You can reset your license by clicking here.

6) Can you create a custom script for me?

We do not create custom scripts for our clients because that would leave us with no time to answer other support requests.
However, from time to time, with enough budget and if we have free time available we might accept this request.

7) How can I click ads?

For legal purposes, we cannot give you detailed information on how to click the ads of a specific ad network as that would go against their TOS.
However, if you follow the scripting tutorials everything is explained there.

8) How can I increase views count of videos?

Each tube site will have different protections, but a good rule of thumb is to ensure that:

  • You are using high-quality private residential or mobile proxies.
  • You are using the latest version of the software.
  • You are using the software in visible mode.
  • Make sure that the video plays correctly in visible mode.
  • Add some natural on-page behavior via the scripting controls.