Go to https://epictrafficbot.com/reset-license/

You may need to reset your license or purchase an additional license.

A single license can be used only on 1 PC at a time.

* Visit this https://epictrafficbot.com/reset-license/ to reset your existing license.

* Purchase an additional license https://epictrafficbot.com/#checkout.

Visit the scripting tutorials page to find the exact steps you need to follow.

These resources should prove useful:

* How To Click a Link or an Advertisement

* Getting Started with Scripting.

* Check out this video tutorial on automating website actions.

Check out the form completion video tutorial on our scripting tutorials page. This resource will teach you how to register and complete a form using the bot.

Yes. Please email support@epictrafficbot.com to pay in cryotocurrency

You are using lots of fixed devices instead of device generators. Learn about when you should use device generators here.

This is the most common question we get from users. It could be a number of reasons, please view the detailed answer below.

There could be a few reasons why this happens:

* You are using public proxies and your website has CloudFlare or another type of protection against public proxies.

* Your Google Analytics code is not installed correctly.

* Your Google Analytics code requires that you first accept the cookie policy in order to show up. This is quite common if you use third-party plugins on WordPress.

* You are closing the task too soon.

**Note:** Remember to use visible mode to debug the issue. If you can see that each task navigates and renders your website correctly then most likely it’s a Google Analytics code issue or scripting issue.

Increase the task count if using public proxies. If that doesn’t help visit our

A good rule of thumb is to increase task count when using free proxies because of their low success rate (<10%) to compensate for this fact.

It depends on what you want to achieve, please view the detailed response to this question.

I recommend having at least these types of proxies:

* Rotating lower quality residential proxies with unmetered traffic but limited to threads
* Premium residential proxies with limited traffic and with good ReCaptcha scores
* Rotating mobile 4g proxies
* Rotating datacenter proxies
* Fixed residential/datacenter proxies

Please have the exact error message, a screenshot of that error occurring, and any other information our support team may need, then head over to our https://epictrafficbot.com/troubleshooting/ page.

Please email support@epictrafficbot.com with your request and note that you will be provided a price for the work based on the number of hours required.

We love to hear about the features our users want. If it’s a good suggestion it might be added in the next update!

You can buy more than one license, and we provide discounts if you are ordering multiple licenses at once. Contact us here for more information.

Please check out our dedicated documentation on this topic.

***A better guide on how to install external chrome extensions and how to use them on the software***

Unzip the folder containing the .exe on a low permission folder and not under program files as the software performs a lot of Read/Write operations on the hard disk.

This is usually because the machine you’re registering your software is blocking access to the processor and motherboard. Please gather the information and screenshots of your error and head over to our Troubleshooting page.

You may need to click the Activate Referrer Button and configure your URL correctly.

If you have set the software to use the referer module but Google Analytics shows a direct visit instead, this could happen because:

* You didn’t click the Activate Referrer Button button

* Your website starts with HTTP but the referer URLs starts with HTTPS

* Your website starts with HTTPS but the referer URLs starts with HTTP

Alter your existing scripts and add some scrolls and some internal link clicks with enough delays to reduce your bounce rate. Visiting our Scripting Tutorials page for more information

Lots of ways! Here are some suggestions: Sell traffic to clients, sell custom scripts to clients, automate your daily web-based tasks, sell stress test services.

Answer: Follow the rules set out in the detailed section of this answer.

Each video streaming site will have different protections in place, but a good rule of thumb is to ensure that:

* You are using high-quality private residential or mobile proxies.

* You are using the latest version of the software.

* You are using the software in Visible mode.

* Make sure that the video plays correctly in Visible mode.

* Add some natural on-page behavior using the scripting controls.