Traffic generation and advanced web automation

The easiest way to generete thousands of real visitors to a website or video in seconds. Epic Traffic Bot allows you to send traffic to any website or video easily, no technical knowledge required. It’s also possible to automate any web task thanks to our advanced scripting and captcha breaking system.

The new version Epic Traffic Bot II is now officially launched.
Many improvments, new features and a much cleaner UI.

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Real Visitors

Generate real visitors to any website or video by emulating real browser behaviour. This is one of the key features that makes Epic Traffic Bot stand out from the crowd. You can also set the duration and and exact behaviour of each visit before pressing the start button.

Fastest Bot

Epic Traffic Bot is one of the fastest web traffic and automation bot currently available. It uses advanced programming paradigms and it's written completly on C#. We decided to opt for C# instead of other programming languages or tools because of performance and personalization reasons.

Parallel Tasks

Instead of the old and slower multi-threaded system, Epic Traffic Bot uses parallel tasks to run multiple browser sessions at the same time. Using async and parallel tasks makes this software much more scalable and less heavy on resources.

Set Traffic Country

No need to pay for proxies anymore. We provide thousands of free, anonymous and fast proxies downloadable by country directly inside the program. Simply select the country of your views and the program will download a list of good working proxies tested by us daily inside the bot.

Automate Any Tasks

Do you need to register thousands of accounts on a website? Do you need to complete repetitive tasks like faucets or similar? Then this program is the right choice for you. You can automate any web tasks without any programming knowledge.

Multiple Devices

Inside our program you can set the user-agent of the browser to simulate the browsers of the most common devices like smartphones, macbooks, windows pc and so on. This is essential if you want to send real traffic to a website or video. You can also set random if you want to make it look as much natural as possible.


Do you want to click a specific link or a random link during each visit? Do you need to set the click through ratioso that it appears natural? Do you need also to click a link on the new clicked link? Do you need to fill a field, select from a dropdown or check a checkmark? All of this things can be done with our advanced scripting support. Simply create a custom flow by adding custom controls ot the main flow.

Spintax Support

If you need to mass register accounts on a website you will need a software that can fill the fields and that supports spintax phrases so that each browser will fill a different information instead of the same. This is an essential module if you need to mass register accounts on a website or for similar tasks.

Advanced Anti-Captcha

Our Anti-Captcha system can break any captcha like Recaptcha by Google and any type of Image/Text captcha. Most of the captchas can be either be solved manually or by sending it to our partner 2Captcha.com paid service or by using third party captcha solving programs like GSA Captcha Breaker.

Detailed Console

All the progress will be shown directly inside the console of our software. Inside the console you will be able to see the progress, status and action of the current active stats. You can also check if a scripting behaviour was successful or if it encountered an error.

Status Checker

If you need to known if a certain action was succesful or not you can do it easily with our software. Example: If you need to register to a website, after filling the fields and clicking a button you want to be sure that a specific text, like for example "Registration Succesful" is found or not. Our program will then report it on the console if found.


Our software uses two different main methods for sending views to the target link. Visible mode and Hidden mode. Visible mode is when you can see the actions made in the browser, while during the hidden mode the browser will run in background. We decided to opt for 2 main methods so that you can have the freedom to chose depending on your needs.

Search Module

Epic Traffic Bot has a built-in search module that comes for free to anyone who has a lifetime licence of Epic Traffic Bot. With our search module can emulate the behaviour of someone searching a keyword on a search engine and then clicking on your target website if found on the first 10 pages. Currently we support Google, Youtube and Amazon.

Set Referer

If you need to show that the traffic to the website is coming from a specific destination, like for example a social media, you can set the referer inside the program to any website that you want. We also provide a new forced referer method that works 100% with Google Analytics.

OpenVPN Module

This is another extra feature that we recently added. With the OpenVPN module you can change IP at each view and generate unique views each time. This is handy especially for registrations and to access certain sites that are blocked by proxies. All you need to have is a free software called OpenVPN and our software will handle the rest.

Some of the things you can do with EPIC Traffic bot

Web Visists

Send views to your website or your clients website to increase Alexa Rank or to decrease your bounce rate. You can also set the software to click links randomly or not on your target page.

Video Views

Send views to your videos to increase your rankings and to become popular. You can choose for how many seconds each visit should last.

Mass Account Registration

Register thousands of accounts on your favourite website by using our advanced scripting solutions. Our scripting solutions can handle radio button, checkboxes, dropdowns etc.

Rank Higher On Serps

By using the search module, you can increase the organic traffic to your website/video. If your website gets lot of clicks on serps your ranks will get higher. Use this module to rank your website on Google!

Click Ads

Earn money by clicking ads on your website or by selling it as a service. With our program you can set the software to click any type of link or button on a webpage. You can also specify the delays to emulate a real visit.

Fill Shortlinks

Do you want to earn tons of cash by automating the process of completing any type of shortlinks? With Epic Traffic Bot and our advanced Anti-Captcha system this is of the ways that this software will let you earn some extra money.

Faucet Collector

With Epic Traffic Bot it's possible to claim from any type of faucet. This is one of the best faucet collector bots available at the moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use It On Multiple PC's?

Our licensing software allows you to use only 1 copy per PC. If you want to use our software on multiple pc's you need to purchase anyother copy of Epic Traffic Bot.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

Once purchased we will send to your purchase email address your username, password and serial key. Please store a copy of this information somewhere secure.

Do I Need To Login Each Time I Use The Program?

Our licensing software will handle the login on the background everytime you open the software. No need to put your credentials everytime!

I Want To Transfer My License, How?

Send us and email with your purchase email and tell us your username and password. We will reset your PC HWID in 1 working day.