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Send mass traffic to websites and automate any webtask with ease.

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What is Epic Traffic Bot

Epic Traffic Bot is a software for Windows computers that will let you send mass traffic to any website to increase it’s rankings or to automate repetitive web tasks.
In fact with our software you can configure the software to click on any link, fill forms, solve captchas and much more.

traffic automation

Multi threaded

The ability to set multiple threads/tasks up to a unlimited amount on all purchase plans is what makes this software different than others. If your pc can handle it you can deliver your views in seconds!

Advanced fingerprinting

Each device will emulate a real device in every single way. Example if you create a Spanish language device, you can set the software to auto generate a correct timezone identifier, a matching proxy and a matching geolocation coordinates for that language.

Device emulation

One of the key features that a traffic bot must have is the ability to simulate a device completely. We take care of every single parameter that you can imagine that makes it possible to track a single device!

Advanced anti-bot detection

Our main goal is to mantain a software that is able to elude the vast majority of bot detection softwares. Updating the software to add new anti-bot features is one of our main goals.

Things you can do with it

Increase traffic

Are you unable to join an ad network because your alexa rank is not enough? With our software you can massively increase it in no time! You can also use the AlexaToolbar inside the software to make sure that every visit will increase your rank.

Sell Traffic

Join popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Seo Clerks and start selling website traffic there and make some money! We have hundreds of members who are able to make a steady income by doing this.

Increase video views

Send views to your videos and increase your rankings on tube search results. You can choose for how many seconds each visit should last or if it should click specific things needed for the views to count.

Mass register accounts

Register thousands of accounts on your favourite websites or social medias like Instagram, Twitter and so on by using our advanced scripting solutions. Our scripting solutions can handle clicking buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, typing text, exporting data and much more.

Automate social medias

With our software it's possible to set the bot to automate common tasks found in social medias like follow, unfollow, like, comment, send messages and much more! Even though you will have to manually create the scripts first, it is possible to share it with your friends once created or download scripts made by others online.

Rank on serps

By using the search module, you can increase the organic traffic to your website/video and also at the same time drastically reduce your bounce rate. If your website gets lot of clicks on serps and has a low bounce rate it will rank higher than your competitors!

Click ads

Earn money by clicking ads on your website or by selling it as a service. With our program you can set the software to click any type of ad and thanks to our advanced fingertip hiding you will have much less ban rate compared to other bots. Remember that you need high quality proxies for ad clicking.

What is included if you buy a lifetime license

Free updates

Free proxies

Rotating proxies

Premium scripts

Scripting module

Unlimited pc transfers

Chat support



Can I Use It On Multiple PC's?

Our licensing software allows you to use only 1 copy per PC. If you want to use our software on more than one pc you need to purchase anyother lifetime license.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

Once purchased we will send to your purchase email address your username, password and serial key. Please store a copy of this information somewhere secure.

Do I Need To Login Each Time I Use The Program?

Our licensing software will handle the login on the background every time you open the software. No need to put your credentials every time!

I Want To Transfer My License, How?

Send us and email with your purchase email and tell us your username and password. We will reset your PC HWID in 1 working day.