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Luke F

Co-founder, Addemark

'Epic Traffic Bot is an important part of our marketing efforts to establish our presence digitally. It absolutely rocks!'

Imran Khan

Co-founder, Addemark

'I was able to use Epic Traffic Bot to increase my rank in Google to #1 for my main target keyword'

What Is Epic Traffic Bot?

Epic Traffic Bot is an advanced software written by world-class engineers, and designed for Windows computers.

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Epic Traffic Bot's Competitive Advantage.

It provides you the ability to fully emulate every single feature of real devices used every day by everyone.

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Epic Traffic Bot Can Do
All These Things For You

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Increase Traffic

Are you unable to join an ad network because your Alexa rank is not high enough? With our software, you can massively increase rank in no time with the help of the Alexa toolbar extension.

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Increase Video Views

Send views to your videos and increase their rankings on the SERP results. You can configure the bot to watch any videos on any tube site with the help of our custom scripting controls.

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Stress Test Your Website

Send automated traffic to determine how your website will handle a spike in users.

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Sell Traffic

Join popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Seo Clerks and sell traffic packages to earn money! We have hundreds of clients who are able to generate a steady income only by doing this.

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Rank Higher on SERPs

With the help of the search module, you can increase the organic traffic to your website, and lower the bounce rate to rank higher on SERP results.

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Click Ads

Earn money by clicking ads on your website or by selling it as a service. With the help of our custom scripting controls, you will be able to click on any ads or popups found on your website.

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Automate Social Media

Automate common tasks found in social media platforms like following people, unfollowing people, liking and commenting on pictures, and DMing people!

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Mass Register Accounts

Register thousands of accounts on your favorite websites or social media platforms by using our custom scripting controls.

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Epic Traffic Bot's

Unique product
features include:

Multi threaded: The ability to use unlimited threads is what differentiates this software from others. If your PC is capable you will be able to send your views in no time.

Device emulation: This software is able to correctly emulate all types of devices used today, making it one of the best traffic bots in this field.

Advanced fingerprinting:All the parameters present in the javascript navigator property will be changed to create a unique non traceable browser identity

Designed for accuracy: The internal browser used by our software is specially optimized to circumvent most anti-bot software and scripts

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Epic Traffic Bot Can Do All These Things For You

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