Getting started

If for any reason, you have some problems with Epic Traffic Bot this is the right place to be!
Just like any other traffic bot, Epic Traffic Bot uses an external browser, that can be invisible or visible, to generate traffic to a website or video.
There are certain errors that you can improve, while for others, there is not much that you can do.

Connectivity Errors

These are one of the most common errors that you can encounter.
Some of these are:

  • unknown error: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET: Proxy connection reset while connecting to the web page.
  • unknown error: net::ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED: Proxy failed to connect.
  • net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID: Proxy failed to authenticate.
  • unknown error: net::ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED: Internet not available on Proxy, or Proxy is overloaded at the moment.

These errors can be fixed by getting some higher quality paid private proxies.
We recommend using these proxies with Epic Traffic Bot:

Other Errors

Besides connectivity errors, you might get also these errors sometimes:
  • unknown error: no chrome binary: Missing chrome.exe file from the installation folder. Usually happens when an antivirus decides to delete it. The file is 100% clean. You can whitelist it on your antivirus or simply disable your antivirus.
  • unable to discover open pages: A rare error that can happen sometimes. We are still trying to find a definitive solution for this.

Permission Issues

If you see issues like:

  • hanging chromedriver.exe and chrome.exe processes
  • slow execution speed

You might have extracted the folder on a high permission folder.
We recommend extracting the folder to Documents, Desktop, or somewhere similar. Not to Program Files.

Also, remember always to run the program as admin to avoid other types of permission issues.