Getting started

If you want to automate websites with Epic Traffic Bot you will need to learn how to create custom scripts.
In this page we will try our best to explain you how to create simple but also complex scripts that can automate any type of web task easily.

This is the scripting tab. On the left, you can find all types of custom controls that you can add to your script FLOW (right empty panel).
To add a control to the script’s flow simply drag the control by holding the left mouse on the dark grey part of the control and then drop it on the FLOW panel situated on the right side.


How to click a link OR AN AD

To click a link or an ad you will need the move then click element control.
Before adding the move then click element control remember to add wait for the page to fully load control and wait in milliseconds control. Both controls can be found under the extra tab.
For this example, we will tell our software to click the take me to the offer button located on our home page


On the upper part of the control and just under the title we find the search identifier.
Here you can specify the rule to follow for finding an HTML element on a web page.
For the sake of this tutorial and because we think it’s the most stable and robust system for finding elements we will use the XPATH search identifier.
Click on XPATH. Then to find the XPATH of an HTML element Follow this tutorial here for finding an XPATH element:

Find the XPATH of the “TAKE ME TO THE OFFER” button and copy the value to the identifier input field of the move then click control.
The next options are offsets.
To explain this you need to understand that some search identifiers can return multiple results.
Click FIRST if you want to click on the first result of the search.
Click LAST if you want to click the last result of the search.
Click CUSTOM if you want to click a custom result. Then you will need to put the integer value on the CUSTOM OFFSET input field. 0 is the first result.

The next option is the CLICK THROUGH RATIO. Here you will need to put a value between 0 and 100. It’s the percentage that each task will click on the desired link. If you put 50 it means that only 50% of the tasks will click the link.

And the last options are the CLICK TYPES where if you put LEFT it will left-click an element, if you put RIGHT click it will right-click the element, if you put DOUBLE it will double click the element and if you put NONE it will just move to the element but not click it.

Remember to put another wait in milliseconds control after you click an element else the task will immediately close and you might not even be able to see if Epic Traffic Bot clicked the link successfully or not.

Testing the script

Go back to the main tab and set the as the URL to visit and then start the bot.
If you did everything correctly you will see that the software will first navigate to the home page of our website, then it will automatically click the “TAKE ME TO THE OFFER” button, and then finally it will wait a little bit before closing the task.

You can save, load, import, or export scripts and share them with other users as you wish.
We also have the premium scripts section where you can download community-made scripts or upload your own creations.

How to fill input fields and/or type text

In order to fill an input field and type text with our software, you will need first of all to click the desired input field HTML element with the move then click control, then after that control, you will need to add a type text control.


Important: Each task will use a line from the type text control in order.
Example – If you wrote three emails like this:

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]

And you choose (example) 5 tasks on the main screen, the first task will choose the first email, the second task will take the second email, the third task will get the third email, the fourth one will get the first email, the fifth one will get the second email and so on.
Basically, each line is used by a single task to avoid duplication of written content.

Some video examples

Watch these videos to get a grasp of what we wrote on this page:

Practice on your own

Here you can find the pages that we used on our videos. Try to imitate what we did in the videos.